The Different Styles of Box

Box™ has been around for almost 15 years and designed over 400 homes of various shapes and sizes. These 5 projects demonstrate that we may be Box™ by name but not necessarily by nature!

CHEL. This home is based on a traditional gable-roof with a mixture of brick and timber cladding. High ceilings and internal brick lining are a feature of this family house.

PROS. Box™ were asked to renovate this villa and extend. The original home was reconfigured into bedrooms and bathrooms. We then added two vaulted ‘pods’ linked to the main house to add a kitchen, dining and living area, and pockets of outdoor decking.

PIHA. The perfect bach consisting of a master pod with bedroom and living area, connected by a covered deck area to the guest bedroom and ensuite.

RAKO. A luxury modernist-style home over-looking. Tara-Iti golf course, replete with circular skylight cut-out.

BADD. A small but beautifully-designed barn-like home with large exposed beams and trusses, timber features and large windows linking the indoors with the outside deck spaces.

By Box

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