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Great projects are a result of designers, architects, tradespeople, engineers, consultants and owners all working together in harmony. They are even more successful when they can all work as one, under the same roof.


The Box™  team is responsible for the project from start to finish, as equal part designer and builder. Our unique process, integrates both teams at each step, balancing design flair and build pragmatism.


To learn more about the process or get started on your project, simply get in touch. Let’s talk about your brief, our approach, project constraints and budgets.


New Zealanders love to create – they’re not the sit back and let-it-happen sorts. That’s why when it comes to the design of their own homes, in general, they’re pretty involved. We get that.


It is the mid-century style that our customers so often ask for – the simple box reproduced in a contemporary form. Over the years we have built a diverse range of designs, from classical gable shapes to sleek boxes!


What’s the BOX™ difference?

Box isn’t like other New Zealand architecture firms; we’re a building design company responsible for every part of the process, from design to construction.

The best architects know what it means to design both beautifully and practically – ensuring the best builders can, in turn, build more efficiently and collaboratively with you and the designer or architect.

Our consistent and attentive involvement of each team throughout the entire design-build process includes our in-house cost estimation team, who value-engineer projects to ensure the highest quality and value while respecting your intentions as our client.

What can I expect from your design and construction process?

At Box, our team will be working together on your project from day one to ensure a seamless design and build process. You’ll start with the comprehensive design services of our Auckland architects and designers, who will get with you to discuss your home preferences and needs in depth. Our architects will create concepts and sketches for approval before translating these ideas into 3D or physical models to help you visualise the project further. This usually takes place over 5-8 months until the build is ready to begin.

From here, our experienced builders, working with the design team, build your home over 7-12 months. We stick to a controlled schedule, with our dedicated project managers continuously updating our clients.

Do you specialise in a particular type of architecture?

With a broad and innovative team of residential and commercial architects in Auckland, Box specialises in both new home construction projects and renovations. Whether your ideal lifestyle means living it large in a country-side mansion or residing in a small-yet-cosy townhouse on the edge of the city, we can help you achieve that. We’ve been involved in a range of diverse projects all across New Zealand, but with a particular focus on homes in Auckland. Our design team are ready to use their hard-earned experience and knowledge to provide your family with the best living space – and ensure your house is truly a home. Discover how we combine design and practicality to create a modern living space in our portfolio of residential architecture projects.

Do you do interior design?

Our designers and architects are involved in every detail of your project. Whether your home design needs to accommodate particular furniture or artwork requirements or suit a specific interior style, we’ve seen it all! Our design team will work with you to detail lighting, electrical or even smarthome requirements. We help you to select materials and finishings for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, study and any other built-in elements. Our architects and designers will model everything up in 3D so you know exactly how it will all come together before we move into construction. If you are unsure of what finish or material types you want, we’ll be able to make suggestions and show you samples.

How do I get started with your team?

Thinking about testing the waters with Box before diving into a full architecture project? Come in for a no-obligation chat, or even book a Box Sprint workshop session. Our architects will evaluate your New Zealand property and use that information to deliver a thorough budget report and project concept. During our two-hour workshop, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of how Box works to build a house and learn about how to avoid common pitfalls and expensive mistakes. And if you choose to work with our services for your project, we’ll refund the Sprint cost.

Where can I learn more about Box?

Working with Box for residential projects is as easy as filling out our contact form. Our Auckland team are happy to meet in person to discuss your options. We’ll also break down budgets, present our past projects, and provide you with the latest copy of Box magazine for great inspiration on building designs.

You can also download a free copy of our design and inspiration magazine!


Our 5-part series covers the essentials of designing and building your new home. It aims to save you time, stress and potentially $$$ if you are considering a home design & build project.