Introducing Care & Repair™

it’s been in the works for a while and Box™ is now ready to announce the launch of our Care & Repair service! We now offer the full end-to-end service of design, build and maintain to Box™ owners!

What is Care & Repair?

C&R is a service for Box™ owners who need maintenance, repairs and small works done to their homes. We arrange for maintenance and repair works to be carried out using our network of trades and suppliers – from painting to replacement of fixtures and fittings – at a discount to Box™ owners.

How does it work?

You may already have some maintenance tasks in mind, or we can come round and do a checklist audit of your home. We will then propose a maintenance schedule as well as a list of works, with a quote to carry out the work. You then decide whether you would like us to take care of it! As part of this we will set up an electronic service log book for your home, available to you and any future Box™ owner.

Who will perform the work?

The work will be organised by Mark Jorgensen who has a background in the building and maintenance industry and has joined Box™ to lead the C&R team. If Mark cannot do the work himself, he will call on the wider Box™ team and network of trusted contractors.

Will works be covered by warranties?

In some cases yes, particularly if it falls within the 12 month defects liability period for a new home. We are happy to have a chat or take a look before confirming warranties or quoting works.

Why would I want to use the Box C&R service?

  • Maintain the value of your amazing Box home!
  • Let us do all the running around and organising, knowing that we’ll make sure work is carried out to the highest Box™ standards
  • Receive an electronic care & repair log book for your Box home to record maintenance and repair work that has been done – similar to a service history, available to any future owner

What will it cost?

There is no charge for the initial call-out where Mark will do an audit for you. Works not covered by warranties are quoted on an hourly rate with clearly itemised labour and materials. All Box owners receive a 10% discount.


If you’re interested in our C&R service or if you would like Mark to do an audit, please book a suitable time here 

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